Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bears, Honey, and Dad

Disclaimer: I admit that this story only very loosely ties into the dish I made because honey is involved, but I keep thinking about it and giggling, so here goes…

First, let me try to paint you a picture. Subject: My dad.

Imagine a rather large and imposing man, with long gray hair, a full beard and mustache, wearing a Harley Davidson t-shirt, Wranglers and cowboy boots. (It might help the picture to note that my mom has tried to convince him to grow his beard out long so he could play Santa Claus at the malls. Needless to say, this suggestion has fallen on deaf ears.)

To look at him, you might think he was a bit gruff. Anytime my sister or I had a boy over, my dad would just sit there, not uttering more than a very terse hello, and just generally look scary. This was taken by these boys to mean, “You’d better not mess with my daughter unless you want to answer to me.” I remember some neighborhood boys once telling me that they spent the night crank-calling classmates, but when they got to me decided against it after recalling the image of my dad.

Truth be told, this image, as much as I’m sure he liked it, couldn’t have been further from reality. Now I don’t doubt that my dad could lay some hurt down if and when he wanted to, but these boys should have been more scared of my mom. All five feet of her could strike some fear into me…Dad was the one you ran to when you got in trouble with Mom.

Of course, it helped that I was (and still am) a daddy’s girl through and through. We couldn’t stand to be mad at each other, and many times when I would be sulking in my room after a fight, he would come knock on my door and say “telegram” Saturday Night Live-style over and over until I couldn’t be mad any longer and would open the door laughing. I remember thinking when I was young that if you didn’t know him you would never expect my dad to do something like that.

So while he likes to act tough, he’s the biggest softie I’ve ever known. But because of his outward appearance, sometimes the things he does and the things he says are just WAY funnier than if someone else said it. Which leads me to this example…

Not too long ago I heard my dad saying (while he thought I was out of earshot) that he was realizing he had to be careful what he said around me, lest it become topic for my blog.

Imagine my glee when this happened:

I was over at my parent’s house and my dad and I were cooking. I don’t remember what we were making, but I was using the honey. (My dad gets this honey from a friend up in the mountains somewhere, and it is some of the best honey I’ve ever had. It also happens to come in the standard bear-shaped bottle, which is very important to this story.) So after squeezing out what I needed, I flipped the bottle over and apparently let a stream of honey dribble down the side of the bear. I didn’t think anything of it until I heard my dad say, in a horrified and disgusted tone, “You’re getting my bear all messy!” Now if only I could have recorded it, you would fully understand how hilarious it sounded; my big “scary” dad was all worked up about his honey bear. His voice sounded like Napoleon Dynamite had suddenly inhabited his body and was all kinds of pissed about this honey bear getting sticky. Of course, Andy, my mom, and I found this way too funny and could bearly (ha ha) stifle our laughter. We immediately began mimicking Napoleon/Dad. As he wiped off his bear, I’m sure he was cussing all of us out in his head. Good times, huh Dad?

As promised, here’s a recipe that contains honey:

Salmon Carpaccio

1 salmon filet, very thinly sliced
vegetable oil
freshly squeezed orange juice
minced garlic
grated ginger
thinly sliced green onions

Arrange the salmon slices on two plates.

Heat the vegetable oil in a small saucepan and add the garlic and ginger. Cook for a minute until softened, then stir in orange juice and honey. Pour in some Pernod and light it on fire. Once the flames die out, immediately pour the heated sauce over the salmon. This will sear the salmon just the slightest bit. Top with micro-greens and green onions. (And don’t forget to wipe off your bear.)

This is a quick and easy but very pretty first-course and has a delicate flavor with hints of anise and orange. The micro-greens add a nice earthy taste.

Now here’s to hoping Dad will still talk around me…


  1. I just Love that story; it shows the love for you and your dad. Those big guys act rough and tough but they are the best because you and I know deep down they are teddy bears. I know I have been living with one for 48 years.
    That salmon is now on my Must Try list; can almost taste it.

  2. Such a funny story! This looks like pretty much my perfect meal. It looks so tasty.

  3. Such a cute story about your Dad and I love the concern for "His honey bear". Fathers can be rough on the outside, but soft on the inside:)
    I'll have to try you beautiful salmon recipe, and be careful of my honey bear.

  4. That was an outstanding story. I dated a guy that sounds like your dad. He would braid two strands of his beard for the ride to Sturgis. That was another life ago though.

    Plus, now I'll be thinking about John Belushi and the land shark. I loved John.

    Thanks too for the beautiful carpaccio (with honey).

  5. hehe - I can just imagine your Dad. Such memories are so important. Never forget them.... :-)

  6. So funny and so true!

  7. Your story is awesome LOL!And the dish fantastic, love love your photos!

  8. Great story - your dad sounds intimidating enough growing up to the boys who were "up to no good" but wonderful & caring enough to be there for you always! Perfect.

    Great recipe too, salmon is a favorite of mine, especially raw or prepared in a manner like this!

  9. Cute story. :) This looks really good! I love honey, especially when I can get it locally.

  10. Amazing dish!!! This is one of my faves at dinner parties...great photo, great recipe and awesome addition, thanks for sharing...

  11. Hilarious!! What a great story! I love the salmon carpaccio! I love carpaccio in general, but have never been bold enough to make it at home- I really like the sauce you poured over it. Great flavors!

  12. Great story. I was laughing just trying to picture someone gruff & scary looking doing the "Telegram!" skit from SNL!

  13. What a tough guy, your dad :) I love the honey, garlic, ginger flavours with the salmon and beautiful pictures too.

  14. Your dad sounds so cute! And your salmon looks incredible!!! Yummy~

  15. Very funny.
    Now all I have to do is keep you from looking over my shoulder all of the time while I am cooking.


  16. Loved the story about your dad--it was as sweet as honey! Thanks for telling it. I love those little honey bear bottles too. The carpaccio is beautiful!

  17. Kinda reminds me of my dad :) And the salmon recipe...DIVINE!

  18. what a sweet story! and a great recipe too.

  19. I love this story. Give me a chuckle. Love the salmon recipe too. Lovely pics too.

  20. What a lovely story about your dad! He is a softie after all! The salmon looks lovely.
    And no worries about the award. Take your time. It is an honour to forward the award to you.
    Have a lovely day, Karen!

  21. I loved your story and your salmon. This is my first visit here. After browsing through your earlier entries I can tell you I'll definitely be back. I really like the food and recipes you share with your readers. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  22. So beautiful and vibrant! I made carpaccio using pineapple and vanilla. Check it out.


  23. YOU WON'T BELIEVE THIS ONE. but it's true.
    I just went to the pantry looking for something and as I moved my honey bear I noticed honey running down his face through his right eye as if he was crying or crying from laughing so hard remembering the story.

    Your grumpy DAD

  24. Lovely story Karen, thanks for sharing! Salmon looks wonderful! :-)

  25. hahha karen i read your dad's comment...hahaha. hilarious. cheeky post. loved reading it. hope your husband is fine...