Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mini Meltdowns, Bacon Apple Pie Redux and Beer Cocktails…what more do you need?

I’ve been struggling a bit lately, with lots of work and lots of emotion and the feeling that I’m just barely making it all happen.

And then last weekend I had a mini meltdown; the culmination of too much stress, a calendar jam-packed with deadlines, and a lot of change in the last six months. So I ranted and I cried. I went on and on, while Andy stood close by, knowing he couldn’t do anything at that moment. Then I sat on the living room table and cried…that ugly, slobbery kind of crying where you’re gasping for air and you feel like it’s never going to be okay. But Andy hugged me and things got better. And once he could get a word in, he helped some more, with a few little nuggets of advice that were spot on. I feel like I’m slowly getting back on track…

My blog has taken a bit of a back seat while I try to regain some sense of normalcy, but I have been busy in the kitchen for SheKnows. So I’m taking a little shortcut here and linking to some of my recent recipes.

I made Bacon Apple Pie again and it’s worth taking a peek at here. (You’ll find version #1 in miniature here.) The mini pies were a huge success and the latest full-size version is just as good.  Don’t doubt the salty/sweet combination…it’s incredible. Seriously.

And really, it wouldn’t be a complete post without cocktails, would it?? I made some beer cocktails for a Father’s Day post. Check out my recipes for a Chocolate Stout Martini, Spicy Jalapeno Beer Bloody Mary, and Beer Whiskey Sour here… I admit that they sound kind of weird, particularly the chocolate martini, but trust me, I tasted each and every one and they’re actually pretty darn good.


  1. OMG my mouth is watering...what a great and so beautiful recipe.

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  2. I hope you get through whatever it is you are going through. Sending you lots of good thoughts. xo

  3. Ugh I know that feeling. About to go through it myself - my husband and I are moving ourselves to our new house, by ourselves! Best of luck that things calm down for you. I for one think you are genius with these recipes. My husband just grabbed my computer to look at that pie.

  4. WOW! My fiancé would love this! It's ok to get it all out sometimes, it will help you get back on track.

  5. Aw, Karen! I am sorry that you have that overwhelmed feeling. I feel like that a LOT! So I understand completely. Wish you were nearby, we could mix up big batches of cocktails. Love the idea of an apple pie topped with bacon!

  6. Darlin!!! I wish I could help you in some way. :( I go through times like that too...it's good to have a sweet husband to help you through it. Take care of YOU.


    p.s. I want that pie in my face.

  7. Sometimes life just gets too busy, that's why I've decided to take a little break just to relax and regroup! That pie would go a long way in settling frayed nerves :)

  8. OMG - I am in love with this pie idea!

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